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Vista Air Services, Inc. - Serving the Houston Metropolitan Area - Backflow Certification

Annual Backflow Certifications

Vista Air Services provides certified annual backflow inspections and is a certified by the Texas Comission on Environmental Quality.

Every building in the City of Houston is required by law to have their backflow assembly inspected and certified on an annual basis. These inspections are required as a preventive measure to keep our drinking water safe.

Backflow is defined as the undesirable reversal of flow in a potable water distribution system as a result of a pressure differential or siphon condition that exists between two piping systems. Backflow prevention devices are designed to keep fluids from re-entering the piping system. Water that goes out a faucet, sprinkler or emitter can not be allowed to be drawn back into the potable water system by pressure loss, siphon or any other means.

If you operate a hospital, dentists office, dry cleaners, church, high-rise building such as hotels, any type of plant, chemicals manufacturing or any building with a chiller will have at least one backflow assembly that requires inspection.

Additionally, all public water systems in The State of Texas are required to have cross connection control programs to prevent backflow. The Safe Drinking Water Act enforced by the EPA is the source of this mandate.

Certified Inspection up to 2" $75.00

No Trip Charge

Vista Air Services, Inc., is a Backflow Assembly Tester certified by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.